Hi guys, it’s been 6 years we’ve started this blog.
At the beginning it was focused on the fixed gear scene which was just emerging (in France).
We were really involved as many of you already know, proposing Theme rides, events, etc.
This was a cool « era » and we shared really great moments with all the riders we’ve met.

Then, we’ve started to spread some other kind of news on our blog as vintage ads, cycling history articles, rare documents, videos.
We became really interested in bicycle and cycling in general.

Some years after, the fixed gear movement was getting very huge all over the world and we weren’t this “ONE of THE” rare Fixed blog in Europe anymore.
Then, everybody was sharing the same infos, same videos, same everything.

We decided to leave this « mainstream » infos stuff and stay focused on original ones, like road cycling, cyclotourism, vintage events and news.

The whole team left the fixed gear to be more implicated in road cycling due to the possibilities it could offer regarding future projects we were thinking about (travels etc.).

Finally, we’ve started to use our Facebook Page to spread general infos instead of feeding the blog daily and we launched a real website to report our « adventures ».

This is the point:
We think it’s time to say goodbye to our blog now.

But hey…
it’s not over, it’s not the end guys, the adventure is on, you will just find infos on our tweeter account, and the same feed will be included on our website.

You just have to keep following us on:






EE you there 🙂

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    Ciao, bonne route.
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